Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Nokia P1, a sensation from Nokia

Nokia 1st Andirod Phone

It has been quite a while that the Nokia has launched any smartphone and the silence from this prestigious company was disappointing for most of the Nokia lovers. But this long wait came to end when nokia announced a spectacular phone which they name as “Nokia p1”. This is amongst one of the best smartphones ever in the history and it is equipped with all the special ingredients that is creating great curiosity in the mind of   smartphone lover and they are waiting eagerly for this phone.

Nokia P1 is equipped with an amazing 6 GB ram which is the most mind-blowing thing in this phone. This mobile has a superfast Snapdragon 835 chip processor and built in memory of 256 GB which really makes it a sensation as far as the performance of the phone is concerned. The next big thing in this phone is its magnificent camera which is 23.3 MP rear and 12 MP (mega pixel) front camera which give a whole new look to pictures. Other than that it has sensational battery of 4000 MHz and come with 5.5 inch screen. These are the special features which make this phone prominent and other than that it is equipped with all the latest features including android 7.0 nougat.

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